remove “Flex Data Visualization Trial” using actionscript

Posted on: May 20, 2009

Today Imtiyaz and I did a small hack in the Flex charting code and removed the Trial message from the Charting component by writing 1 simple actionscript lines.

what you need to do is in the creationcomplete of any charting component write the following code

//            var arra : Array = new Array();
//            for(var i:int =0;i<this.numChildren;i++){
//                arra.push(this.getChildAt(i));
//            }

// the above 4 lines are just to check  what r the childs added

(this.getChildAt(this.numChildren-1) as TextField).htmlText = ” “;

we  tried to set visible false but that dint work we also tried to remove the textfield child alltogether  but that too dint work 😛 but finally it was the html text property of the textfield that gave way 😀

now you can also add your custom  trial message to your application 🙂

just replace the blank with your text for example:

(this.getChildAt(this.numChildren-1) as TextField).htmlText = ” YOUR MESSAGE”;

But its better that you buy your own licence key for charting. The above example was basically for educational purpose. have fun 🙂



9 Responses to "remove “Flex Data Visualization Trial” using actionscript"


Do you can upload a full example of remove of Flex Data Visualization Trial?



Change this to id of your component, example:

(columnchart1.getChildAt(columnchart1.numChildren-1) as TextField).htmlText = “”;



we can implement same thing in simpler way.
and this doesn’t depend on which id the instance is made.

correct me if i’m wrong.. i’m very new to Flex / AS.

//public function eraseWM(eventObj:Event):void
// var target:DisplayObjectContainer = eventObj.currentTarget as DisplayObjectContainer;
// (target.getChildAt(target.numChildren – 1) as TextField).text = “”;

It works!

Is it Adobe joke?
Great “security”.

Thanks guys for posting this.
I am under impression.

Someone know how to remove wathermark from AdvancedDataGrid too? thx and best regards!

It doesnt work for me 😦
I’m using Flex SDK 3.2
could you please post the actual code? thanks

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.

hey hhh,
Please use the id of ur chart in place of this keyword and do that work in creation complete event listener function.hope it will work.

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