Posted on: September 13, 2007

So finally we have a blog up and running, better late than never as they always say.

People around here are busy working the day off and getting it through yet another Beta release. The backend team is buzzing away implementing there algorithms working out complex mathematical equations, equations which might not sound normal to any human-being. Me being in the UI team have no clue whats happening!! None what so ever. On the other hand the gurus in the UI team are slogging to remove all the component bugs before leaving for the day. Our QA guy sitting just next to me is busy clicking away finding any possible loopholes/bugs that a user can report (poor chap has to find all the bugs that, a 100 other people would report “combined” ). The network security Chaps are busy chatting away finding out what could be a potential “Threat”. In all the entire team is mumbling and grumbling in there own lil corners.

Here i am sitting and writing the first post knowing that no-one knows that we have a blog. But hopefully over time it might be worth stopping by now and then to check out what we are up to.

I will be posting in a lot of things that come along our way… from ” The major successes we achieved to the really dumb goof-ups, new component ideas or the pranks we play on each other “.

So keep an eye Open for us.


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